Product Configurator

Product Configurator for Sage 100 System

The JobOps Product Configurator is an optional module for the JobOps Management System giving users additional flexibility in offering customized products and services. How it works is through a simple graphical selection wizard tool that guides you through the process.

Whether you make custom cabinets or other products or services, the JobOps Product Configurator helps you streamline the process. The end result: better jobs, more profitability and increased customer satisfaction.

The Product Configurator asks simple questions needed to configure your customer’s product. It is rules-based so it only presents you with the available options for that product that are compatible with options already selected. This helps eliminate the situation where you could order a door that is too narrow or selecting the wrong color of wood stain. In the end, this check and balances on available options saves you time in doing the order right the first time and increases your customer’s satisfaction

Take advantage of this configuration aid to make the most of your labor, time and materials. You’ll quickly see the return on your investment in JobOps and your Sage 100 systems.

Key Features:

  • Configuration Templates help save time and improve efficiency
  • Rules-based configuration helps you determine which features and options are available
  • Price calculation rules give you end-user pricing based on all options selected
  • Easy step-by-step configuration process saves time
  • Visual validation shows you a visual of options selected during the configuration process
  • Smart part numbers identify a part’s unique features
  • Auto Build BOM and Auto Build Work Tickets

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