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Labor Tracking for the Sage 100 System

The JobOps Time Tracker module lets your workers report on what they have completed, and the materials they have used, in real-time. Using terminals out on the shop floor, bar coding, or web-based reporting, employees can directly enter their time and materials for the jobs they are working on.

With JobOps Time Tracker you are kept up to date on the status of all of your jobs and can respond to customer inquiries about their jobs in a timely manner.

The actual cost of the employees’ time (including overtime) and the cost of the materials is immediately available for management analysis. The status of a job is available while the job is still being worked on, meaning that cost overruns are visible when you can still react and make changes. Also exception reporting lets you know when a job is not running as scheduled. When inventory is issued to a job, it is charged immediately to the job and the on-hand quantity of that inventory is also updated. Knowing the actual available inventory quantities allows you to make better purchasing decisions and make sure that inventory will be available for the next job that requires the same material.

Since JobOps and Sage 100 is tightly integrated, your accounting department gets the benefit of running labor and inventory ledgers so that verification can be made before posting to the journals. Accounting maintains its controls and procedures while Operations still gets real time reporting on the status of their jobs.

Key Features:

  • Real-time management tools to manage your job costs effectively
  • Integrated job cost accounting and job management
  • Real-time job status and reports
  • Real-time actual versus estimated costing
  • Projected costing based on work completed
  • Real-time alerts letting you know of potential cost overruns while in production

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