3 Ways MTO Manufacturers Can Grow Their Businesses with Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps

It’s hard to be an MTO (make-to-order) manufacturer these days. Of course, all modern manufacturers struggle with ever-tightening deadlines, supply chain delays, and distribution complications but, as an MTO manufacturer, you must overcome all these challenges and deliver a flawless product. After all, your customers expect that since their order is customized, it must also be perfect.

If you’ve been facing all this stress without Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps, it’s likely your profits have been slipping or that you haven’t had the time to build your customer base. Luckily, it’s easy to take back control of your time and your profits.

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  1. Ensure Accuracy

As an MTO manufacturer, accuracy is the #1 most important part of your job. This means you’re required to do painstaking data entry, with no errors allowed. Every order that comes your way probably has multiple line items and, if you skip or mistype even one, you won’t be delivering the product your customer ordered.

With Sage 100c Manufacturing / JobOps, you won’t miss any line items and you’ll have the ability to deliver a more accurate product. This is because the system automatically generates work orders based on sales orders, which helps you save time while increasing accuracy.

  1. Deliver Customer Satisfaction

If accuracy is the #1 most important part of your job, on-time delivery is a close runner up. Your customer satisfaction relies on your ability to accurately estimate when you’ll be able to get a product to a customer—and, if you can’t make that deadline, you’ll look unreliable in your customer’s eyes.

Even worse, if your customer is a B2B company, your missed deadlines may force them to miss their deadlines, which can spell disaster for both of your companies.

Estimating is hard work, but not when you have Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps on your side. This powerhouse program keeps you on track by alerting you about potential capacity conflicts and raw materials shortages, so you can estimate delivery dates with confidence.

  1. Increase Profitability

Let’s see if this scenario rings a bell: You’ve quoted a delivery date for a large order using your current estimation methods. Right after the sale, you discover that you’re short on some of your materials, so you send in an expedited PO and start generating work orders so your team can start working with the materials you have in stock. Your supplier has a shipping delay, which then delays your team by two days. It’s okay, though, because you make up for the time lost by scheduling everyone for overtime and then rush shipping the order, so it reaches your customer on time.

On the face of it, this scenario looks pretty good. Not only did you manage to close a large order, you also overcame many difficulties and delivered everything on time, which made the customer happy.

But how much did it cost you to ensure customer satisfaction?

Between the overtime you paid, the expedited PO, and those rush shipping charges, how much did your actions cut into your overall profits? Considering how tight margins are these days, it’s possible you didn’t make money on that order—and that’s no way to grow your business.

With Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps, you’ll be able to see, in real time, how your actions impact your profitability. This may help you to adjust your processes, so you can come out ahead. Or, if it’s too late to fix one disaster order, your insight into accurate costing can help you track which of your products tend to be most profitable, so your sales team knows where to focus and you can better avoid costly situations in the future.

Grow Your Business with Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps

For over 18 years, Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps has helped manufacturers of all kinds improve their scheduling, purchasing, and costing activities with targeted software that fully integrates with Sage 100cloud (f/k/a Sage 100c, Sage 100 ERP, Sage MAS 90, and Sage MAS 200). Make-to-order manufacturers that work with us have cut their data-entry processing time by 70% and can meet increased demands with no growing pain.

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps truly is the way for MTO manufacturers to focus on their growth.

If you’re ready to quit wasting time on administrative work and you want to grow your business, you’re ready for Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps. Contact JobOps at sales@jobops.com to learn more about your options.