For Manufacturing, Tracking Time and Materials Is Now Easier Than Ever

manufacturing trackingIn manufacturing, tracking your time and materials is one of the most important things you can do to ensure maximum profitability and minimum waste because labor and parts comprise the bulk of your costs.

Historically, tracking these two critical workplace variables has proved to be difficult, since paper-based systems require training time, often contain errors, and can be slow to get from the shop floor to the back office—turning necessary agile response time for JIT operations into a distant dream.

Fortunately, for manufacturers, there’s now a real-time, easy-to-use system that simplifies time and materials tracking while providing true, seamless integration between your accounting department and your daily labor. It’s called Time Tracker and it’s part of Sage 100cloud Manufacturing/JobOps.

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What Time Tracker Does

Using a Sage 100-integrated system, Time Tracker provides flexible parts and labor manufacturing tracking that automatically collects data from work tickets; instantly transmits the data to your back office for hassle-free accounting, payroll, and purchasing; and, makes it a breeze for managers to perform daily and period-based labor reviews.

In short, Time Tracker helps your company stay on time, on budget, and on track with every project. Every time.

For tracking parts, the software works your way, helping you to:

  • Track parts after each stage of work ticket completion
  • “Front flush” items by automatically including them when you initiate a work ticket
  • Upload parts used from another source, ensuring you always have full insight into your current materials and parts usage

For tracking time, the software provides much-needed flexibility in the industry, including:

  • Accurate, automatic time capture and recording
  • Tracking by earning code, including regular time, overtime, and non-worked time
  • Assigning activity billing for varied tasks with different billable hourly rates

Time Tracker Helps Manufacturers Improve Efficiency

By ensuring that every tracking function in Time Tracker for Sage 100cloud Manufacturing/JobOps is collected and transmitted in real time, the software helps your company finally gain accurate, timely insight into where your time and materials are being spent on a second-by-second basis. This means your company can finally optimize operations proactively, instead of reactively.

In the past, one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers has been the need to balance a rigorous production schedule with appropriate inventory levels and optimal labor allocations. Today’s shift toward shorter cycles and faster timetables, paired with the increasing (yet unpredictable) opportunities in direct-to-consumer sales, means that more manufacturers must now work around the clock to meet their demanding schedules.

Time Tracker helps manufacturers regain control of their operations by providing an easy-to-use, fully integrated system that shop workers, supervisors, and time-strapped accounting departments can all use together to oversee materials and labor usage in real time.

This doesn’t just make planning easier and more error-free, it also helps provide instant insight into current trends so you can confidently meet demand and stay on your timeline.

If You’re in Manufacturing, Tracking Time Is Now More Important Than Ever

There’s never been a busier time in the manufacturing industry. The increased opportunities that eCommerce and eFulfillment have provided for dedicated companies have the potential to create exponential business growth. However, the demanding production and distribution schedules these models necessitate can prove to be too challenging for unprepared manufacturers.

Time Tracker software helps your company stay prepared and ready to overcome obstacles as you maintain agility, so you can leap ahead of your competition with ease. Isn’t it time your company gained these benefits?

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