Get All Your Data into Sage 100cloud (formerly Sage MAS 90/200)

sage masMost manufacturers have already experienced the time savings and efficiency improvements that barcoding solutions can bring. In fact, one of the best ways business leaders can tell that barcoding works is when they compare the time to it takes to process things they can barcode (inventory, goods, etc.) to the time it takes to process things they can’t barcode (labor time tracking, field service costs, etc.)

Now, finally, there’s a way you can apply the time savings of barcoding to more functions at your business: Data Collector for Sage 100c Manufacturing / JobOps.

Learn how you can integrate more data into your Sage 100cloud (formerly Sage MAS 90/200) system effortlessly with Sage 100c Manufacturing / JobOps. Talk to a person at JobOps by calling (800) 815-8483, or you can send us an email.

What Is Data Collector?

Data Collector is an add-on for the Sage 100c Manufacturing / JobOps core module that helps you accurately import data into Sage 100cloud (formerly Sage MAS 90/200) from any ASCII or .csv file.

To give you more time in your day, this program helps your company receive and process data from wherever that data comes from, including mobile devices your off-site techs use, computer terminals anywhere in your building, punch-in and -out software, spreadsheets—or nearly anything else you can think of.

But fast, accurate data capture is only the beginning. Data Collector also helps you:

  • Automate Your Import Process

Manually entering data is bad enough, but finding the data before you enter it in can be frustrating and even more time consuming.

In talking to clients and prospects, we’ve discovered that it’s a pretty common occurrence to have an overly busy day in which you forget to import just a few data files. We’ve also discovered that, invariably, the missing data that was unintentionally overlooked seems to always come back to haunt people later.

To ensure you always have all your data in your system, Data Collector offers automated import functionality you can use to schedule data imports from nearly any source at regular, constant intervals.

In addition:

  1. Imported files will stay neat by archiving to your preferred file after import
  2. The system will import accurately into UDFs and Sales Detail
  3. A single import can handle both parts and labor


  • Reduce Data Inaccuracies

Error-prone manual data entry is, by far, the worst way to ensure that your data is accurate and complete. Sadly, however, most companies have no choice but to rely on this highly inefficient, time-wasting method of getting data into their systems.

Well, no choice until now.

All your Sage 100cloud data (formerly Sage MAS 90/200), whether automatically imported or manually imported, will go through a visual validation process in Data Collector before final import. This validation process alerts you to potential errors after comparing imported data to expected system data.

For instance, Data Collector can compare a service agreement contract ID to data from your field technician to find and correct pricing or quoting discrepancies. (Field Service and Dispatch is needed for this specific example.)

Collect Data from Everywhere with Data Collector for Sage 100cloud (formerly Sage MAS 90/200)

Your business relies on having accurate data in order to succeed, but spending hours getting all that data into your system is a waste of your time. You need an easy way to import and verify critical company data, from any source, so you can be sure you have the insight you need in order to grow your organization with confidence.

If you’re ready to seamlessly, easily, and quickly integrate all your data from your shop floor, job sites, terminals, and handhelds (as well as from nearly everywhere else you collect data), you’ll be pleased to learn just how easy it can be to accomplish this goal.

For tracking your busy manufacturing company’s supplies, parts, and finished goods, there’s barcoding. For everything else, there’s Data Collector.

Curious how Sage 100c Manufacturing / JobOps Data Collector could help your company grow? Contact us at (800) 815-8483 or email us at to discover more.