Improve the Estimation Process

Did you know people have unrealistic expectations when they estimate the amount of time a task may take? According to the University of California at Berkeley, people are just plain bad at estimating. Part of this is an evolutionary flaw, but it’s also a lifetime of conditioning that teaches us if something looks big, it must be harder to do than something that looks small.

Although manufacturers pride themselves on accurate estimation, they may also be subject to preconditioning, biases, and plain old mistakes. To avoid anything that slows down or adds mistakes to the estimation process, it’s important to have access to accurate, timely data.

Several software tools can be used to help improve the accuracy of your estimates. Enterprise resource planning or ERP systems collect data from multiple points throughout your company. This data can be used to see history of similar projects. From the history, you can extrapolate the time, resources, and expenses required to fulfill similar requirements.

Once you have this information, Sage 100c Manufacturing / JobOps can help. The system uses data to build out estimates so that they’re based on accurate information, not guesswork. With a robust history of past projects right in your system, you can estimate with confidence. That takes both the stress and the guess out of the process!

Stop guessing and start getting stress-free results with Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps. Contact JobOps at to learn more about your options.