Manufacturing Automation Made Easy with Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps


If you haven’t heard of Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps, you’ve been missing out. This suite of software was specifically developed for Sage 100 in the early 90s, and since it was updated for Sage 100c, it’s been known for providing busy manufacturers with real-time insight into their business workflow and their work in progress (WIP). If you’re looking for a full-visibility job project management tool that brings the power of manufacturing automation into your operations, read on.

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Estimation Ease

No matter how many times you do it, estimation is still nerve-racking. Every single time. Do your prices make sense considering the time-frame you have? Will your labor costs override your profits? Do you have enough inventory and raw materials to complete a job on schedule and on budget? If you’re like most manufacturers we know, you quote based on a number of assumptions—and then you hope for the best.

With the manufacturing automation assistance in Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps, you won’t have to guess anymore. This solution will crunch your deadlines, assess your inventory and materials, figure your labor costs, and determine your purchasing needs so it can suggest a reasonable price for you. That’s some easy estimating.

In addition to saving you from estimation guesswork, Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps also saves your time with:

  • Streamlined estimate creation, based on past quotes
  • Detailed cost roll-ups that include BOMs, routers, labor, and contracted work costs
  • Purchasing needs to be figured into your cost without having to add items to your ERP inventory

Scheduling Simplified

Once you’ve received a confirmation on that well-priced estimate, you need to start planning to get the job done. Core tools in Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps assist with your scheduling by automatically generating work tickets when you create a sales order (time saver!) and then creates dynamic to-do lists for your team, based on project due dates and labor scheduling.

Increase your scheduling power exponentially when you also add on the optional Enhanced Scheduling module, which makes scheduling in advance faster and easier. By setting policies for your shop floor such as rules for finite vs. infinite scheduling, your software will automatically generate accurate schedules that will keep your production on track now and in the future.

Enhanced Scheduling also includes:

  • Gantt chart display with drag-and-drop functionality and color-coded exception warnings
  • “What If” and “Capable to Promise” scheduling that helps you avoid overextending yourself
  • Materials shortage warnings for scheduled projects with suggestions for “materials borrowing” from projects that have a later due date

Purchasing Power

Nothing slows you down like finding out too late that you don’t have enough materials to complete your scheduled jobs. However, when you’re overly busy it can be hard to find the time to properly monitor your materials supply. With real-time inventory reporting, including cross-departmental inventory and holdings of outside vendors along with automatic PO creation based on your scheduled supply and demand, you’ll never find yourself surprised by materials shortages again.

By keeping track of the materials you need for all your upcoming jobs, you’ll also have the power to ensure an optimized cash flow with Just-in-Time (JIT) ordering. This helps you maintain low storage costs and increase your liquid assets.

Do More and Earn More with Manufacturing Automation from Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps

If you’re ready to run a lean, productive organization, it may be time to consider manufacturing automation with Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps. Not only will this software suite increase your on-time delivery and job profitability across the board, it will also improve your planning confidence and reduce the stress that arises from running behind on projects.

Lower stress, more profits, and better insight into your business? My goodness, it looks like you just found the present you should buy for yourself this holiday season.

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