MTO Customization for Millennials Made Easy with Product Configurator

Product ConfiguratorAre you marketing to Millennials right now? Are you creating products for their needs and tastes? Do you know how to deliver exactly what they want? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your manufacturing company is missing out on a huge market because Millennial spending currently exceeds $200 billion per year.

It’s time you got your chunk of those potential revenues.

Discover how you can deliver the manufactured goods that Millennials want the easy way with Product Configurator by JobOps / Sage 100cloud Manufacturing. Contact JobOps at to learn more.

Why It’s Important to Attract Millennial Buyers

If you’re still thinking of Millennials as “young’uns” with no spending power, think again. Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, are now squarely members of the young adult world and most have careers, children, and preferences and tastes of their own.

Oh, and they’re also the largest generation, so there’s a lot of them out there who are actively participating in the economy.

These numbers show clearly that future business success in the manufacturing industry requires your company to cater to the tastes and preferences of Millennials, so let’s talk about what they like.

Identifying What Millennials Like

As proven by the runaway success of Coca-Cola’s “name on the bottle” campaign, this up-and-coming generation likes customization (or at least configuration). They like having something that’s uniquely theirs.

Consider all the ads you’ve seen recently for custom 3D-printed products, custom shoes, one-of-a-kind cell phone cases—even Build-a-Bear Workshops! All these, and more, have fed the Millennial obsession with built-for-me goods that display their individuality.

In fact, Strategy Online claims that today’s brands offering personalized experiences enjoy a 50% higher loyalty rate, 45% higher customer satisfaction, 22% higher purchase frequency, and 28% higher purchase price.

In short: for Millennials, MTO is where it’s at. If that’s your specialty, you’re in luck because now it’s easier than ever to run MTO operations.

Catering to Millennial Demands

Of course, customized MTO manufacturing isn’t for everyone. It takes highly varied stock, increased complexity in procurement activities, and the ability to generate multiple clear, yet comprehensive BoMs and work orders to ensure accuracy in the manufacturing process and maximize profits.

But there is a tool that can help …

Product Configurator for JobOps / Sage 100cloud Manufacturing

If you’re an MTO manufacturer interested in speeding up your configuration activities so you can deliver more “customized” products to a Millennial market, consider Product Configurator. This integrated piece of the JobOps / Sage 100cloud Manufacturing system grants much-needed time to busy plant managers by reducing administrative tasks while significantly improving product accuracy for complex orders.

Product Configurator assists with:

  • Customer-driven customization tools that put the power in their hands to choose size, quantity, colors, and optional components.
  • Speeding up your quoting, estimating, order entry, and production process, so you can deliver jobs sooner and at less cost.
  • Visual validations that show updates and selections on screen as they’re made
  • Automated BoMs and Work Tickets based on configuration selections
  • Advanced price calculation tools that flexibly figure in optional components

Product Configurator can also be combined with any or all of the integrated JobOps offerings for your Sage 100cloud system, helping you ease your field service and dispatch duties, your time tracking tasks, scheduling, and more.

Plan for Years of Manufacturing Success

With Product Configurator in your toolbelt, your Make to Order manufacturing company will finally have a fast, easy way to meet Millennial demands, so you can make a plan to increase your sales for years to come. 

Learn more about Product Configurator and other time-saving manufacturing solutions when you contact JobOps at