Purchase Agent: The Inventory App for Sage 100 That Does It All

inventory appPurchasing is an art form, and you are an artist. Balancing your ordering requirements with your just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing model as you gracefully avoid materials shortages … it takes a well-honed instinct to manage all the purchasing properly, but you’re on top of it.

Well, until that massive order happens at the last minute and then you forget to add a critical item to your purchase order because you didn’t realize you’d go through that material so quickly. For those moments, your best bet is to turn to the handy inventory app that helps ensure accurate orders—all the time.

Discover how easy purchasing can be with Purchase Agent, a stand-alone module for Sage 100. Contact us online or call (800) 815-8483 to learn more.

Purchasing Is Tougher Than You Think

Scientific studies have found that humans are pretty bad at predicting the future. In fact, as University of Pennsylvania professor and expert on prediction studies, Philip Tetlock, said, “experts are only about as effective at predicting the future as dart-throwing chimpanzees.”

Perhaps psychics have better results than the rest of us, but unless you’ve got a crystal ball on your desk (and you know how to use it), studies show you’ll rarely be right about your predictions.

Of course, you have lots of experience at your job, and you’ve been ordering materials or supplies for years. An article from Harvard Business Review confirms that educated predictors make far-better predictions, and the best forecasters can cut their error rate by more than half.

Plus, your accuracy rates may be higher and you can always ensure near-perfection in your ordering because there aren’t that many variables involved in your orders; they’re always the same. Or are they?

Actually, modern supply chains have more complexity now than ever before, so your “pretty standard” materials and supplies order is likely to be impacted by the clients who necessitate constantly shifting deadlines and lead times, as well as the ever-changing warehouse capacity that requires you to ensure accurate, JIT ordering every single time.

Give yourself a pat on the back. Purchasing is actually really hard work. And you do it well.

But you could do it better …

How An Inventory App Helps with Purchasing

Purchase Agent, a stand-alone module for Sage 100, helps you complete your purchasing tasks with higher levels of confidence and accuracy by:

  • Analyzing orders
  • Monitoring current supply
  • Assessing minimum stock requirements
  • Counting quantities on purchase order
  • Projecting MRP needs

Once it’s completed all these tasks for you, Purchase Agent creates a to-do list, naming all the items that need to be purchased. (Think of the time saved! Think of the reports you won’t have to run!)

The list is presented in an easy-to-read graphical table format, ready for you to review, edit, and act on. Purchase Agent will even generate purchase orders with the click of a button.

Want even more insight? Purchase Agent 2017 also integrates with the Sage 100 Work Order module to modify your purchasing lists based on your upcoming project loads.

Purchase Agent: The Time-Saving Choice

Instead of stressing out about orders, running reports obsessively, counting on-hand inventory over and over, and calling up the Psychic Friends’ Network to predict upcoming work order needs (you’d be surprised at how many people actually do that), how about you switch to an easy, time-saving inventory app built specifically for your Sage 100 system?

We predict you’ll love it.

Contact us online or call us at (800) 815-8483 to learn more about Purchase Agent.