Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps: An Inventory App You Can’t Live Without

inventory appOne of the biggest challenges that manufacturers face is predicting inventory needs. Uncertainties abound. What will orders be like in the next quarter? Should we scale up or wait until the last moment before restocking?

The right data can make all the difference. Real-time updates on costs, labor, raw materials and more mean that you can make decisions quickly and with confidence.

With modern supply chains more complex than in any time in the past, standard inventory apps and management techniques just don’t cut it anymore. New software, such as Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps can help you build accurate inventory forecasting into your business planning so you aren’t playing catch-up to your orders when inventory runs low.

JOScan helps your manufacturing team, remote locations, and field services teams capture status information as well as updates on labor, materials, expenses, and time card data. WiFi enables real time updates or, if no WiFi is available, data is captured to update later. It’s a great way to capture the data you need to improve operations.

Gain control over your supply chain. Make better business decisions. Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps (JOScan) can help you obtain the data you need to manage inventory and labor more effectively.

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