Support Your Field Service Techs with Technician Dashboard

field servicePaper is so yesterday. In fact, since we’ve all been carrying around smartphones in our pockets for almost a decade, it’s probably safe to classify paper as “yester-decade.” It’s unlikely that your company releases memos or reminders on paper, there are probably very few people (if any) who use a paper calendar as their only method for scheduling appointments, and if someone tried to turn in a handwritten or hand-drawn report to you, you’d most likely laugh at them.

So why does your system require off-site workers, such as field service techs, to take so many paper notes?

For more than 18 years, the developers behind Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps have focused on creating easy-to-use solutions that streamline operations for manufacturers and their entire teams. Contact JobOps at to learn more about how you can empower every person at your company, including your field service techs, with the core Sage 100c Manufacturing product and added modules.

The Problem with Paper-Based Field Service

If you’re wondering why we’re so against paper, we’re happy to explain. From our perspective as a consultant, we can objectively view processes at various companies and, of course, it’s only natural that we’ll compare workflows among the businesses we’re called in to assist.

What we see is that whenever paper is introduced into a workflow, productivity slows to a crawl.

This is especially the case with field service.

When field service notes are composed on scrap paper while sitting in the driver’s seat of a van (as most are) the notes are usually hard to decipher. Difficult-to-read notes lead to:

  • Data-entry inaccuracies that must be tracked down and solved later
  • Parts and inventory stock-outs because quantities were unclear in handwritten notes
  • Time-consuming labor tracking using timesheets
  • Slower service and less satisfied customers

Overall, paper-based systems create too many time-consuming hurdles for your company and, the more time you waste with paperwork, the less time you have to focus on strategic growth.

Technician Dashboard from Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps Can Help

Technician Dashboard is a mobile app that’s part of the Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps suite and is fully integrated with your Sage 100c system, as well as with Field Service & Dispatch. It’s a paperless, anywhere/anytime option for your field service techs, so they can easily take notes and provide accurate, timely data entry from the field in real time.

The web-based tool works with nearly any mobile device or laptop to help you track:

  • Parts – providing always up-to-date inventory integrated with your Sage 100c system
  • Labor – with clock in/clock out functionality that helps you ensure accurate payroll accounting
  • Expenses – ensuring accurate billing and clear job costing

In addition, Technician Dashboard helps your field service techs provide better customer service by offering them an always-available record of client history, parts, and location directions, so your techs can find your clients, bring the parts they need, and speak knowledgeably about work that was previously completed for that client.

Instant Service That Goes Both Ways

A mobile paperless solution isn’t just for your clients; it also helps speed up your office. With Technician Dashboard, your in-office team will have the insight they need on job status, inventory, and costs in real time, and they’ll also have the opportunity to bill faster because they won’t have to waste time transferring paper-based notes to Sage 100c.

Technician Dashboard helps your on-the-ground team, too, by providing seamless technician-to-technician or technician-to-dispatcher communication, also in real time. This is important because if your field service techs can help each other finish jobs faster and with less disruption to your clients, you’ll be more likely to end up with happier, more satisfied customers who keep working with you again and again.

Eliminate Your Paper-Based Woes and Build Your Company

Technician Dashboard is easy to use, has an intuitive interface, is accessible anywhere and anytime, and speeds your business processes by increasing your efficiency … but none of those are the product’s greatest strength.

In fact, the best part about Technician Dashboard is that it’s an integrated part of Sage 100c Manufacturing/JobOps, which means your company gets to rely on the rock-solid customer service that’s been delighting manufacturers for over 18 years with products that help from the shop floor to the back office to out in the field.

Ready for better business performance and a solution that provides great customer service? Contact JobOps at to learn more about Technician Dashboard.