Technician Dashboard Helps Field Service Work Efficiently

field serviceField service workers need a flexible, mobile platform that travels with them to the job site. Paper-based systems aren’t just cumbersome—they’re prone to errors, mistakes, and mishaps.

Consider how hard it is to read another’s handwriting. If you can’t read their notes, data entry is difficult. Parts and inventory numbers may be unclear, which leads to delays. Tracking labor using time sheets requires people to enter their hours, hand them in, and someone else to retype them into the accounting system.

There’s a better way for field service to track their time, enter jobs, and requisition supplies. Technician Dashboard from Sage 100c Manufacturing/Job Ops provides a system fully integrated with Sage 100c as well as Field Service & Dispatch. It offers a paperless system that travels with field service workers to the job site.

Technician Dashboard is a web-based tool that works on any mobile device. It provides you with methods to track parts, labor, and expenses accurately, with one-time data entry. Not only can you provide better service, you can offer customers a history of parts, locations, and more to save technicians time.

If you’re ready to move beyond paper-based systems, contact JobOps at to learn more about Technician Dashboard.