The Surprise Benefits of Using Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOpsJob management software can help your manufacturing company in many ways. But, did you know it can lead to happier customers? Long-term customer loyalty? Lower turnover rate for your employees?

What can’t it do? Okay, so it won’t make the products themselves … but it will make manufacturing job management a lot easier.

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps offers many benefits. It’s a job management software that packs quite a lot into one software package. For example, once you start using Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps, you can benefit in the following ways.

  1. Better customer loyalty: Customer dissatisfaction stems from companies not keeping their promises. Promises to deliver on time or to deliver exactly what was ordered aren’t kept and customers defect to go elsewhere. With job management software, you’re able to keep tighter track of your orders, correct mistakes, and deliver on time, every time. That builds customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. Cost savings: Avoid rush orders, out of stock orders, and rush shipping charges when you know what’s in stock and ready for order fulfillment.
  3. Improved employee satisfaction: All those picky fights over who did (or didn’t) do this or that are gone with job management software. Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps enables everyone to have a complete view of the workflow and order process. It eliminates finger pointing and makes it clear what needs to be done next.

With all these benefits, why aren’t you already using Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps? What’s stopping you? Let’s talk today about how Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps can benefit your company. Contact JobOps at to find out more.