Time Tracker for Sage 100cloud Manufacturing/Job Ops Makes It Easier to Control Costs

manufacturing trackingAsk any manufacturer and you’ll find that the two biggest cost drivers are labor and parts. Labor can be summed up as time. The time it takes your team to complete their part of the job can add considerable cost to a project or, conversely, decrease costs if they are efficient.

Paper-based time tracking systems were not without problems. Although simple to implement and use, they were often an afterthought, and mistakes abounded.

Fortunately, new, automated methods of time tracking are making paper-based methods obsolete. An innovation called Time Tracker can help you automatically collect and transmit data from work tickets to your back office. From there, data flows seamless into accounting, payroll, and purchasing. The software can also help you track parts after completing each stage of a work ticket, record time accurately, and tracking by learning code. This includes regular time, overtime, and non-worked time. It can also handle variations in billable rates.

The old saying that “time is money” was never truer than in the realm of manufacturing. Most companies do their best to negotiate lower prices on parts. Negotiating lower rates on labor may not be a viable option. But tracking time closely and ensuring that billable hours are fair is a win-win for all. Time Tracker, in addition to the Sage 100cloud Manufacturing/Job Ops suite, is a good way to tighten costs to maximize profits without sacrificing quality.

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