Why Manufacturers Need Job Management Software Now More than Ever

Job Management Software The manufacturing industry seems to keep getting more and more competitive all the time. This is because manufacturing customers continue to gain access to more possibilities, resources, and options—which makes them less patient and more fickle.

Yet, even though they’re the ones who are fickle, you’re the one who has to jump through hoops to please them. After all, you know very well that customers can pick and choose who they want to do business with these days. Even a small slip up or misunderstanding on your part can get those customers searching for other manufacturers, ruining your chances forever.

Luckily, Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps has all the functionality you need to keep the customers you currently serve happy, while handling the added responsibilities of satisfying new customer orders with accurate timelines.

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The Current Manufacturing Landscape for MTOs

The truth is, when it comes to businesses that make products to order (MTO), there’s a difference in consumer expectations. Call it an unfair double standard if you want, but the facts remain: when ordering custom-made products, customers have higher expectations for both service and product quality, compared to simply purchasing off-the-shelf options.

Job management software can help you meet these expectations because it gives you enhanced visibility into production costs and timeframes.

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps Job Management Software Can Help

Here are a few other common manufacturing challenges that good job management software can help solve:

  • Meeting Delivery Demands

Honestly, if you can’t meet your timelines, your customers will lose all their confidence in you and your ability to meet their needs when it really counts. Your ability to accurately predict and execute delivery times may be one of the most important issues when it comes to your customers’ satisfaction.

Reliability through predictability is the key. If you have the ability to see how everything will come together in advance, you can accurately manage and estimate the production and delivery times with little interference.

  • Maintaining Both Profitability and Customer Satisfaction

Considering all the different demands you have to juggle these days (extreme customization, two-day turnarounds, drop shipping, etc.), it can become all too easy to watch your profit margins shrink to practically nothing when you’re stuck trying to correct just a single planning mistake.

Don’t believe us? Look over your books and pay attention to the costs of expediting materials, paying labor overtime, and rushing shipping, and you’ll quickly see that one misstep leaves you scrambling to recoup profits.

These days, profitability is more about foresight and management, which means that the visibility job management software provides is essential.

Unexpected Benefits of Job Management Software

Most manufacturers that make the switch to job management software quickly understand that the software can make their customers happier, their production schedules more efficient, and their workers more satisfied, but they don’t realize that those results can lead to even better outcomes.


  • Customer Satisfaction Results in Customer Loyalty

For all the complaining that goes on about the picky nature of customers, the causes of customer dissatisfaction tend to sprout from a failure to deliver as promised or an error or misunderstanding concerning the order itself. Both these problems can be avoided using job management software.

By integrating your production scheduling system and your ERP, your business will be able to eliminate communication issues about delivery times or order specifics. This integration will result in more accurate data because you won’t have to worry about error-prone duplicate data entry—but to achieve this, you’ll need to ensure the job management software you choose integrates seamlessly with your ERP.

  • Efficiency Increases Your Profits

By having a fully integrated system, you can expect to see cost savings come in many ways. You can avoid excess stock and rush charges by accurately predicting and acquiring your material needs. Labor costs can be reduced by minimizing overtime and by streamlining business processes to eliminate redundant tasks such as re-keying information.

Most importantly, accurate costing reports allow you to understand what products are most profitable to your business, so you know where to focus your attention.

  • A Satisfied Staff Works the Best

Did you know most workplace disagreements, finger-pointing, and resulting animosity can be tracked back to the result of missing or incorrect information? Eliminate and smooth out these points of tension for your staff and you’ll have automatically intervened to increase job satisfaction.

With the integrated workflow provided by job management software, you’ll have the freedom to create an environment that contains fewer conflicts. This will inevitably result in higher levels of job satisfaction for your team—which truly matters in today’s tight labor market.

Access the Full View

When competing in today’s MTO manufacturing environment, shop floor managers need to be able to see precisely how everything is going to come together in terms of costs and timeframes. If this is your job, you already know your ultimate profitability relies on your ability to pinpoint exactly how much you can lower costs to increase your competitive stance.

With job management software, those necessary precise predictions and full insight will be much easier to achieve.

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