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The Surprise Benefits of Using Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps

Job management software can help your manufacturing company in many ways. But, did you know it can lead to happier customers? Long-term customer loyalty? Lower turnover rate for your employees? What can’t it do? Okay, so it won’t make the products themselves … but it will make […]

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Why Manufacturers Need Job Management Software Now More than Ever

Job Management Software

The manufacturing industry seems to keep getting more and more competitive all the time. This is because manufacturing customers continue to gain access to more possibilities, resources, and options—which makes them less patient and more fickle. Yet, even though they’re the ones who are fickle, you’re the […]

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Plan for 2019 Success with the Right Manufacturing Software

Stores are starting to shift their displays from summer fun to fall harvest, and back to school is in full swing in communities across America. If it seems like you’ve blinked and 2018 has passed by, you’re not alone. Now is the time to plan for 2019 […]

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Proven Practices to Grow Your Manufacturing Company in 2019

These days, manufacturing companies are hearing a lot of mixed messages. There’s good news about great wages and continued growth in the industry – and there’s bad news about declining opportunity and a looming labor crisis. It can be hard to figure out what you should believe. […]

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The Trade War Has Begun: What Manufacturers Need to Know about Tariffs

By now you’ve heard the news that the Trump Administration’s attempts to safeguard American industry have resulted in significant tariffs on imports from many of our long-standing partner nations. Tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum, for example, have now been added, which will increase the wholesale cost […]

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Troubled About Tariffs? This Tool Can Help

As the owner of a manufacturing company, you’ve probably been closely following the news about tariffs and the trade war. You may be troubled by the news because, honestly, change is scary. No one really knows how these tariffs will turn out—but, as a manufacturer, you know […]

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MTO Customization for Millennials Made Easy with Product Configurator

Product Configurator

Are you marketing to Millennials right now? Are you creating products for their needs and tastes? Do you know how to deliver exactly what they want? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your manufacturing company is missing out on a huge market because Millennial […]

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Improve the Estimation Process

Did you know people have unrealistic expectations when they estimate the amount of time a task may take? According to the University of California at Berkeley, people are just plain bad at estimating. Part of this is an evolutionary flaw, but it’s also a lifetime of conditioning […]

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5 Reasons Guessing in Manufacturing Leads to Stress

According to experts, there are three types of guesses: wild guesses, educated guesses, and estimates. Wild guesses are, of course, backed by no data at all. Educated guesses rely on a history of experience and some conditional data. Estimates, on the other hand, are an entirely different […]

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Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps Helps Manufacturers Overcome Common Challenges

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing

Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps can help make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers overcome many challenges. Shorter deadlines, supply chain delays, and distribution complications are common among all manufacturers, but MTOs may face these in greater quantity or frequency than their counterparts in manufacturing. With Sage 100cloud Manufacturing / JobOps, […]

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